3 of Dr. Oz’s favorite tips to lose weight

3 tips to lose weight, according to Dr. Oz


Dr. Oz shared some of his favorite (and little-known) weight loss tips. Put these tricks to use and you’ll be looking buffer in the buff.

Snack on pickles. Snooki is onto something! According to Dr. Oz, the acidity in these crunchy vegetables can kill sugar cravings. It sounds strange, but when the 3 p.m. urge to hit the vending machine strikes, he recommends reaching for a pickle instead.

Sip on banaba leaf tea. This tea (yes, it’s banaba, not banana) hasn’t gotten much attention yet, but Dr. Oz said that the drink is gaining popularity thanks to its ability to lower people’s blood sugar. Why is that a good thing? Too-high blood sugar can lead to weight gain and, in extreme cases, even diabetes.

Swap out tonic water and club soda for seltzer. Many people assume these three sips are similar, but tonic is high in sugar (it packs about 120 calories a serving) and club soda often has quite a bit of salt added, which leaves you feeling puffy and bloated. Stick to seltzer, says Dr. Oz, which has a similar taste, but is the closest you can get to drinking plain old water.

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