Habits of HOW and WHAT we eat….

Evolution and Diet: We haven’t changed that much…

The human body has changed very little in the past 100,000 years. Genetically, we have not changed in millions of years, BUT our dietary habits have! The ability to choose what and when we eat has changed dramatically! Today we are in a drive thru thinking about “super sizing” a meal and tomorrow we will dramatically cut our calories and go on a “diet” The body senses the reduction and fires a message to the metabolism and says, “We are going to be starved so we need to store everything and cannot put off energy- we have to store it!” (Your body holds the fat to burn at a later date) This is called “STARVATION MODE”


To effectively have a healthy weight loss of stored fat, and to have a long term effect, you want to avoid sending the body a message to “reset” your metabolism to conserve fuel. Creating a calorie deficit is KEY, but remember to never go under 1,200 calories a day… keep the balance smooth. If you are not eating enough and not losing- add a few hundred calories and you may see the fat burning! Never stop the habit of portion control and regular exercise- you will be lean and forget the battle with the bulge =)