The Slimmer Belt: Need help tightening EXTRA skin?




Extra belly fat can make you self conscious about wearing form-fitting clothing or swimwear. Wearing a slimmer belt may be a solution for your stubborn stomach fat. A slimmer belt is a neoprene wrap designed to help you lose weight in your midsection. The belt raises your body temperature so you sweat more and inches off your midsection. Wearing a slimmer belt while working out may help you lose inches, but the belt can benefit your body in many ways.


Working Out

Wearing a slimmer belt underneath your clothing while working out helps to increase sweat production so you lose inches. Wrap the slimmer belt around your stomach while doing cardiovascular activity. Go for a jog, walk on the treadmill, glide on an elliptical machine or even take a group fitness class to increase your body temperature, so you sweat even more in the midsection. Do your resistance training workouts while wearing a slimmer belt to constantly pull sweat from your belly to trim inches.



Looking Slimmer

Even if you are just getting started in your weight loss journey, the slimmer belt can help you look smaller. Slimmer belts wrap around your body tightly to pull in any extra stomach fat. Wear the belly slimmer underneath your clothes during your workouts to look slimmer in your form-fitting shirts and tank tops. Wrap your slimmer belt around your midsection when going out and you need to suck in excess belly fat.

Improved Posture

Wrapping a slimmer belt around your midsection, sucks in your stomach and straightens your back. The slimmer belt forces you to improve your posture since it is difficult to slouch while wearing one. Put your slimmer belt on when you are working around the house to support your core. Do your gardening while wearing your slimmer belt to help while gardening to provide support when bending and reaching.

I love wearing my Slimmer Belt during all Workouts because it makes me more cautious of holding my core tight and focusing on those muscles! I have extra loose skin from having my babies, like most moms do! I want to get rid of that extra skin and it has come A LONG WAY!!!! To me the slimmer belt is a tummy tuck WITHOUT the surgery! My skin is not NORMAL and probably NEVER will be, but it is tighter and a lot less loose since I started wearing the Slimmer Belt! I wore it the WHOLE way through Insanity. I moved and needed a new one so just started it up again with ChaLEAN Extreme.
A slimmer belt may not help you lose weight effortlessly, but it can help you look better in your clothes. If your core is looser than you want it to be, and it shows through your shirts, a slimmer belt can help hold you in and give you a smoother, bump-free appearance. Acting like a corset, when you wrap a slimming belt around your waist, your shirts will lay flatter and your waist can look more shapely while you’re wearing the belt.

While there is little official information proving that a slimming belt can actually help you lose weight, it may create a placebo effect when you wear one. Wearing a tight belt around your middle can help you remember to keep your core engaged and head to the gym after work. There, you will exercise and keep your core tightened, which can help you see a difference in the size and shape of your waist. When purchasing a slimming belt, think of it as a way to remind you to exercise and lose weight, rather than a weight loss tool exclusively.
Anytime I sweat during a workout I know I am doing my workout to my fullest potential, so when I wear my Slimmer Belt and my tummy sweats- YOU KNOW YOU ARE DOING THE WORKOUT HARD!!!!!!


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