Fats: Most people think fats make you fat, but the truth is that it is really excess in insulin production, which is the process of over consumption of sugars- the main reason fat is added to your frame!

“Fat- Free” foods are usually higher in sugar than their full- fat counterparts, which leads to more insulin production and eventually… MORE FAT!

Try to eat Healthy, Heart- smart fats ( fish, olive oil, nuts, walnuts, avocados, and seeds) AVOID :saturated fats, hydrogenated fats, or trans fats found in chips- cakes- and fried foods!


Fat is CRUCIAL in our diets, SO DON’T SKIP OUT ON THE GOOD FATS!!! Fat is needed because:

  1. It makes food taste good!
  2. It helps release a hormone to the brain called CCK, cholecystokinin, which tells the body-“I’m full. I’m satisfied. I can stop eating.”
  3. It helps slow the entry rate of sugar (from carbs) into the bloodstream, which gives you more long term energy to last throughout your day!

 ProteinsCarbohydrates, and Fats are the 3 main elements to make up the food we eat!