Eat Small Meals, Often to stay Lean

Consistent: 5-6x a day eating schedule

To succeed it is VERY important to have a consistent schedule! Consistency will actually give you a profound sense of control over the world… It will also assure you two things :

  • 1. You won’t get OVER-HUNGRY, and thus overeat at the next meal
  • 2. You will encourage an increase in your metabolism (BURNING THE FAT!!!)



Breakfast: (within an hour of waking) 7am

Snack* (SMALL) -2-3 hours after breakfast 9-10a

Lunch: 12-1p (2-3 hours after snack)

Snack* (SMALL- fruit, meal replacement bar, almonds) 3-4p

Dinner: finished at least 3 hours BEFORE bed 7-8p

Snack* (if schedule is different and you are hungry and it is 3 hours before bed, or try herbal tea)

***MOST IMPORTANT aspect of this schedule is that YOU DO EAT BREAKFAST and STOP EATING 3 hours BEFORE BED! You may be hungry before bed, but your body will be burning fat for that 8 hours =) this is considered “fasting mode”- meaning you are not at the midst of digesting a meal- your body will access stored fat for energy!



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