Baked Kale Chip: The Potato Chip Alternative

So my family loves Potato Chips and that has been a “snack” I do not keep in my house! So a friend of mine has been talking about Kale Chips for a month now… so when I was at the Market- I picked up some Kale!!! Yesterday I was in the fridge and I wanted something salty… Pulled out my Kale and Turned on the oven!

Directions: Set oven @ 350, Grab a bunch of Kale, Cut stem off, Break/Cut Kale into bit size pieces, Wash and Dry in salad spinner. Place kale on baking sheet- drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Sea Salt (or whatever seasoning you would like) *** I also added some garlic powder and Parm Cheese (made it too salty for me) Bake for 10-12 minutes and take out (want to cook until slightly brown but not burnt)

They were delicious!!! My daughter had me make more!!!

I hope you can substitute your favorite potato chip for a healthy Kale Chip!!



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