Leah S.’s Wedding Prep; Ultimate Reset Transformation and Review

How many of you think you are eating healthy and getting the correct amount of nutrients in your body each day? I would say most of us either have a sense of what is healthy or have actually spent time researching it! Well before I did the Ultimate Reset I thought I knew what to eat and how much as well, WELL I was wrong- I learnt more about food in the 21 days of the reset then I really ever knew! Pretty Amazing!!! Do you need a TUNE UP?


Meet Leah S. “On January 7th I started my fitness journey–but I was serious this time. I tried a couple of times before and fell off every time. I started insanity, joined a Beachbody group, and finally started listening to all the shakeology freaks (chocolate vegan is my soulmate)!! I finished 60 days straight, only missing 2 days. I lost 10 lbs. this put me at 156.8 down from 166.8, the most I’ve ever weighed!!!  That was college weight! I then started the reset, thinking it would jump start weight loss and get me motivated for wedding weight!! It made me change my ENTIRE outlook on food! I now CRAVE tomatoes, cucumbers, couscous, and quinoa (plus much more)! I lost 7 lbs on the reset, putting me at 149.8 lbs!! I haven’t seen this since freshman year of college!!! I feel amazing, think about food differently, have everyone asking ME of all people how to do it, and I just smile and say, “Beachbody”…I made myself a priority and it paid off!! This is no longer wedding preparation…this is my body, my temple, lets see what all it can accomplish!!!”

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Seay Standford Progress: 39 year old Mommy of 3

SO,  I have posted about Seay before, She is AMAZING 39 year old mommy of 3 who has GREAT results from ChaLEAN Extreme!

From Seay herself: “Coming from a Die-Hard Gym rat, I am truly blown away by the results I’m getting on this ChaLEAN Extreme program. It’s normally taken me a LONG time to get these same results with a trainer or on my own. I’m pretty PSYCHED over my 14 day progress!”



These results are 14 DAYS of ChaLEAN Extreme and Shakeology!

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30 Day Shakeology Holiday Calendar

Holiday Shakeology Recipes! You don’t have to have a set back on your health and fitness goals by indulging into a Pecan Pie or a Gingerbread Man! Check out these DELICIOUS Recipes!!!


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