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Mariana won $500 for her TurboFire transformation!


“And I’m a completely changed person. There’s no room for negativity in my life. I didn’t stop with TurboFire. I’m now doing P90X and I’m planning to BRING IT with another program.

Best of all, I became a Coach because I feel like my results can inspire people to become fit and healthy. I learned that I am much stronger than I thought and am capable of achieving my goals through hard work. I’m happy.

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Turbofire is one of the most popular programs Beachbody has to offer! READ MORE HERE

Sleep and Your Workout Performance

Why is it important to get a certain amount of sleep every night? I get the question of how much sleep do I get a night and I am guilty of not getting enough! My body has adjusted to very little (4-5 hours) a night!


Your muscles begin repairing themselves as soon as you stop battering them in the weight room. But just how important is sleeping to muscle recovery? This article will discuss this issue with the basic weightlifters in mind. Great Experiment done at


A few things that happen during sleep that help increase your results:

  1. Hormonal release

    The first major way sleep will impact your results in the gym is with the hormonal release that it provides. Your body releases a growth hormone at its highest concentration during a 24-hour period when you’re at rest during the night. Since growth hormones are closely correlated to muscle-size increases, you want to maximize this hormone as much as you can.


  2. Muscular repair

    The repair process that goes on while you’re at rest is more evidence of the interdependence of working out and sleep. Every time you lift weights in the gym and overload your muscles, you’re going to create tiny micro-tears in the muscle tissue. It’s when these micro-tears are repaired and built back up that you notice strength and size gains, so shorting yourself of the repair process is a severe hindrance.

  3. Metabolic maintenance

    If you hope to build lean muscle mass without gaining body fat in the process or are looking to lose excess body fat while retaining all the lean tissue you currently have, making sure your metabolism is functioning optimally is essential. This means having a healthy response to carbohydrates consumed, maintaining a strong metabolic rate and showing a good regulatory system of hunger and appetite. suggests getting 8 hours of sleep every night! So in short every article I have read about sleep and how it may effect or help your results when working out, you should no matter what get between 7-8 hours of sleep every night! This is definitely something I will be working on come the next few weeks!!!



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Beachbody Coach Apprenticeship Interview

2013 promises to be the BIGGEST YEAR in Beachbody history, and THIS girl has NO PLANS of slowing down! Because of that, I am currently looking for some NEW BLOOD for Team Dynasty and will be interviewing for 10 apprenticeship positions! (available to NEW COACHES in 2013 only) I will be hand-selecting & personally mentoring these individuals in both a small group setting and with one on one calls.

During the first 3 months, I will focus on teaching you the same system that has helped both myself and the top leaders on my team reach the level of success we have today… I am the #82 Coach in the company, out of 100,000 coaches.

But, remember, it is UP TO YOU to choose to APPLY that knowledge in your own business! What we do in The Bombshell Dynasty WORKS, there is NO denying it! In just over 2 years we have multiple 6 figure earners and some of the TOP COACHES in the entire company!

If you believe YOU have what it takes and are looking for something that both challenges you as a leader, while at the same time gives you the ability to change lives and create the life of your dreams…



Chalene Johnson’s Turbofire: Beachbody Product Reviews and Client Comments

TurboFire® is the intense 90-day cardio conditioning program that will help you get leaner with exercises that burn up to 9x more fat and calories than regular cardio.

Getting started with your first TurboFire workout is easy.

In the included Fire Starter Class, Chalene Johnson shows you the right form for every move you’ll make. To help you get up to speed, TurboFire also includes two low-impact (but intense) workouts. Then, it will keep you moving with more than 20 smoking-hot music remixes through all 12 fat-sizzling classes.

So forget the excuses. Forget the gym. Now the hottest fitness classes come to you.

Some Responses on Turbofire from my friends and fellow consumers:

Sarah H. ” I lovedddd it! Ppl don’t because of the moves, but with an ounce of rhythm you can do it. Oh, I lost a pants size. Eeeek.”

Michelle G “I loved it Nikki Kuban Minton! I saw very noticeable results in 14 days! U can grab pictures from me if needed.”

Amanda H “I loved it! My back got super toned even though I didn’t use any resistance (vs using the weighted gloves).”

Dawn N “I love it!! It took me awhile to get the moves down, but even if I did it “wrong” I was still moving! Lost weight & inches as well as improved my cardio!”

Nataly P “I loved it and will start it as soon as I can after baby! I looked forward to the workouts and LOVED the short, intense hiit workouts! I ended up hybriding it with brazil butt lift after my 90 days because I loved it so much! I dropped a pants size and felt fabulous everyday I did it!”

“TurboFire is motivating, uplifting and the music is amazing. Chalene has the best heart and she knows just what to say and when to say it to push me forward. I’m just so happy, energetic and comfortable being ME!”


***Comment Below if you have any questions or want to give your input on Turbofire


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What are your favorite Holiday Recipes? Try some alternatives!

How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Holiday Foods?

By Rebecca Swanner

Think you’re eating healthy this holiday season? Think again. Your favorite holiday foods are loaded with way more calories that you can imagine.

From the Christmas stuffing to Hanukkah’s latkes to New Year’s bubbly, read on to find out how many calories are lurking in your favorite trimmings . . . and how you can cut some calories here and there while still enjoying all of the holiday flavors you love.

Turkey Meal with all the trimmings

The Mains

The Christmas bird. Though turkey is the most commonplace centerpiece of the Christmas table, the traditional bird was actually the goose. Good thing too, as while roast goose is quite moist and delicious, enjoying it with the skin on is 518 calories for six ounces. Without the skin? Still 405 calories. Then again, slathering butter on the turkey, brining it, or bathing it in gravy packs the pounds onto the healthy fowl. Don’t even think about deep frying it. Your waistline—and your house—will thank you later.
Better choice: Turkey. Six ounces of dark meat—skin on—is 350 calories. Six ounces of light meat without skin? 216 calories. Here is a healthy turkey recipe to try.

LatkesLatkes. Pancakes—or latkes—are a traditional Hanukkah food because they commemorate the miracle that the Hanukkah oil lasted for eight nights. Traditionally, these pancakes were made from cheese and fried in oil, but about 400 years ago, potatoes replaced cheese as the main ingredient. This means latkes are marginally healthier than they used to be . . . but one medium potato pancake (3.5 inches in diameter) will still set you back about 100 calories (or more) each. Add some sour cream at 22 calories per tablespoon . . . and it’s not long until you’re not going to be happy with the scale in the morning.
Better choice: Oil is essential, but instead of deep-frying your latkes, spray or coat a cookie sheet lightly with olive oil, place the latkes on the cookie sheet, coat the tops of them lightly with olive oil, and bake at 450° F for 15 to 20 minutes. And consider trying a recipe for vegetable latkes made from cauliflower or cabbage. Here is a healthy latke recipe to try.

Holiday ham. Ah, the holiday ham. It’s the second most popular Christmas dish. And while it might seem high in calories, six ounces is about 330 calories, roughly the same as turkey.
But be careful: The key here is not to go nuts with the glaze. That said, because ham is brined, it’s high in sodium, so if you’re watching your salt intake, stick with turkey.

The Sides

Cranberry SauceCranberry sauce. Oh, hey! A fruit! This is healthy, right? Nope. Though cranberries on their own are healthy—and packed with vitamin C—cranberry sauce is loaded with sugar. Half a cup of the sweet side is about 209 calories and 52 grams of sugar . . . about the same as a peppermint mocha latte.
Better choice: Sweeten frozen cranberries with fruit juices instead. Yes, you’re still adding sugar, but at least you’re also adding some vitamins. Here’s a recipe you might want to try.

Stuffing. Whether boxed or homemade, it’s hard to make stuffing light since it has a bread base and it’s held together with butter. It rolls in around 180 calories for a half cup, and most of that is empty carbs.
Better choice: If you must have stuffing, try a brown rice recipe or at least use a whole-grain or sprouted-grain bread like those made by Ezekiel 4:9®. Swap out fatty meats for turkey sausage and use olive oil instead of butter. And load it up with lots of veggies! It’ll be more filling and much better for you.

Mashed PotatoesMashed potatoes. On their own, mashed potatoes aren’t so bad. A half-cup of plain mashed potatoes is about 200 calories, less if you make them with just potatoes and high-quality olive oil instead of with milk and butter!
Better choice: For a side with a richer, deeper flavor, try dicing up sweet potatoes. They’re higher in vitamin C and other nutrients and their high fiber count goes easier on your blood sugar.

Noodle kugel. This casserole-based side dish is often made using egg noodles, potatoes, or a mix of vegetables such as broccoli or cabbage. Some recipes then call for the addition of sour cream, cottage cheese, and butter. The result is an average 2-inch square that’s 212 calories.
Better choice: For a lighter kugel, consider using olive oil in place of butter, egg whites only, and relying on dried fruits like raisins to add the sweetness.

The Drinks

Eggnog. I don’t imagine that you think a drink made from eggs, whole milk, sugar, heavy cream, and rum—oh, and some nutmeg—would be healthy. In fact, try 343 calories a glass. Yikes.
Better choice: Our nutritionist came up with a fantastic vegan eggnog recipe that’s only 149 calories. Our version is alcohol-free, but if you want to add a splash of dark rum, well, it is Christmas and all . . . Check out the recipe .

Couple Drinking WineWine. As alcoholic drinks go, wine isn’t so bad. Red wine is higher in the antioxidant resveratrol but white wine is supposedly better at reducing free radicals and improving cardiovascular health. A glass of either is about 120 calories.
Even better: Select an organic wine. These don’t contain the sulfites that some people are allergic to and that may prevent you from sleeping well.

Champagne. Want a great hangover? Go for the bubbly. The bubbles will actually get you tipsy faster1, which can lead to one nasty headache in the AM. Plus, each flute contains about 133 calories, and they go down quickly . . . so it’s easy to ratchet up the calories quickly.
Better choice: Cocktail. Water.




I would LOVE to know what your favorite holiday recipes are! Email them to me @


Lindsay is a very loving, caring, and passionate human being that I was blessed to meet and become very close friends with! She is a wonderful friend, coach, wife, and Mother to a handsome little guy =) She has been on her Beachbody journey for 9 months now (a coach for 18 months- 9 months of learning and sharing), Lindsay has done P90X, ChaLEAN EXtreme, and The Ultimate Reset!  smile

“While pregnant I feared not being able to lose the weight because of past attempts. Beachbody took the guess work out because I followed the calendar, ate clean and drank ShakeO. The weight started coming off and my body started changing like I had never seen. I am in the best shape of my life and I am very thankful for the programs, products and Beachbody community. I drink Shakeology every day. I lost 30lbs of fat and probably gained 10lbs in muscle. I have lost 3 pants sizes and 14 inches, and I am now in my 3rd week of BBL.”

If you have any questions about any of these programs or about her story, Message me NOW!



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Fortify your Diet: Multivitamin vs. Shakeology

Fortify your diet with a Multivitamin: When you exercise hard and reduce you diet, your body can easily suffer from vitamin deficiencies.  Most Nutritionists believe that multivitamins are absolutely essential, especially for us active folk! The combination of daily stress, processed foods, and nutrient depleted soils may leave your daily diet with deficiencies, which can threaten healthy muscle growth, energy production, protein metabolism, and fat burning. The key is quality and freshness- you get what you pay for!












So when you look at these two BASIC Multivitamin, they both offer the same vitamins at different dosages! (they are comparable with price as well!)

I am now going to show you the ingredient list for Shakeology and I would like for you to compare the two, Shakeology and the Multivitamin! Compare the Vitmains, Dosage, plus the additional superfoods, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and much more Shakeology has to offer!


Now would you rather take 2 tablets or drink a shake (almost like a milkshake)??? With the benefits like this I would MUCH rather the shake!!! On top of the amazing daily vitamin and nutrient values, you can lower your cholesterol, increase energy, and maintain a healthy weight! How can you resist that? NOW is the time to take action and Fortify your body!!!!

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Why I invested into MY FUTURE….


I have always been the “big boned” “skinny fat” girl that played athletics all her life but had to work to stay smaller (size 6 was my smallest) until I went to college and did nothing and started taking diet pills and became anorexic and bulimic (very disappointed in myself for getting there but it happened) and I can admit now that it was a horrible way to try to be skinny! So after college I got pregnant at 20 with my daughter and gained 76lbs and weighted in at 200lbs the day I delivered her… I went to the gym and got down to 138 in 7months and then found out I was pregnant with my son… Got back to 200lbs the day I delivered him as well…But the weight would not come off and so one night I saw the informercial for P90X and I ordered it- I said I have tried everything else why not try this, so many people are finding success… So I did it for 4 weeks and quit a year later and 5lbs gone a friend messaged me and said she became a coach and was wondering if I wanted to try shakeology– I pondered for a month or so and said you know what I have P90X and I see people are losing weight with this shake I’m going to try it, I was so depressed with what I saw in the mirror, who I was and I was completely uncomfortable in my own skin I could not believe I let myself go and did not join an accountablity group sooner- I went all in on accountability and joined as a coach to stay motivated… We started a challenge group and I did the full 90 days and lost 20lbs and went from a size 8/10 to a 4 and then followed that by Insanity and lost another pant size! Since than I have completed P90X2, ChaLEAN Extreme, Insanity Asylum, started doing Tai Cheng (because I have a neck injury and was told not to do high intensity but got cleared) so I am starting round 2 of ChaLEAN Extreme and could NOT be happier.. In 4 days I have lost 3.5lbs and feel AMAZING, so much energy and momentum to PUSH HARDER!!!  I have gained 10lbs of muscle in the past year, after Insanity and I am currently 136lbs and muscle and can say I’m pretty confident in who I am today!!!


So before I started actually “coaching” I was an Office Manager for my dad and then a Full Time Substitute Teacher, as you may know teachers and office managers do not make a WONDERFUL pay, BUT I was getting by, I paid my bills; student loans (after having to defer them for hardship), gas to get to and from work, groceries so my family could eat, and try to make the minimum payment on my credit cards (racked up debt while in college and not having a job them a baby that needed cared for).. YES my husband is in the picture and has a FT job but he was paying for the mortgage and house bills amongst health insurance, car insurance, house insurance… EVERYTHING ELSE! Well it was a struggle because I was putting my Shakeology and Business Fee of 15.95 on a credit card so that I would stay active, I had my husband become a coach to rank advance (money expenses paid out) and I was putting our financial situation at jeopardy… Finally 8 months after I became a Coach I was seeing a return, people were trusting in me and knowing that my transformation changed my life that I could help them change theirs! now 17 months after signing up I am close to another rank advancement and making DOUBLE what I would have being a teacher in the public schools. I am hoping that April 2016 (5 years as a coach) that my husband will be able to retire and be a stay at home dad- take and pick the kids up from school, take them to practice, coach them, and NEVER miss any milestones!!!! I AM SO PASSIONATE IN THIS JOB IT IS UNREAL!!!! I want to help so many others become FINANCIALLY FREE, if you can relate in any way CONTACT ME!!!


One Year Anniversary: The Commitment to a NEW LIFE!

One Year Ago today I COMMITTED to P90X and Shakeology! I was MISERABLE with who I was, what I saw in the mirror, and everyone around me! I was DEPRESSED, Angry, and a MEAN PERSON! I was in a dark hole of my life and it was not fair to the ones around me, the people that mattered the most, my family, husband, and most of all MY CHILDREN!  Because I was so miserable with myself I took it out on EVERYONE around me, everything and anything someone around me did was wrong or bothered me! I would fight with my husband for NO reason, yell at my kids for BEING KIDS, and argue with my parents and family over something STUPID!

This past year has been a LIFE CHANGER!!! I have met some AMAZING people who all care about the same thing- Health and Fitness! I started my journey with P90X and saw awesome results and then decided to do Insanity (i didn’t lose a pound but lost inches)! I saw so much support throughout our team that no matter if I had a slip up or a down day, which I had MANY, they were all still there to push me back up and help me through the journey! I say a journey because its not something that happens over night! Yes I was excited about what was to come, but it took work to change my attitude! I would be negative and still said mean things until I started seeing myself change! This was a physical and mental journey, I just did not know yet! I honestly believe that you SUCCEED when you have SUPPORT and when you surround yourself with LIKE-MINDED people!!!

This is when I started feeling COMFORTABLE in my skin! I was helping others reach their fitness goals and started Inspiring my family! This was a huge STEP in my journey! To do it for yourself or your family is one thing, but when you INSPIRE others to do the same thing it makes ALL of the STRUGGLES worth it! I have learnt some valuable lessons from different foods, the body equation, to what really matters and how staying consistent it what make the difference!

Nutrition 80%+ Exercise 10% + Genes 10%= YOUR BEAUTIFUL BODY!!!




I have since done some HipHop Abs, Brazil Butt Lift, Turbofire, AND Insanity Asylum at Fit Clubs. BUT I have also Completed P90X2 and now on day 27 of ChaLean Extreme!

Because this journey has made me a stronger person and aware of my body! I can help others achieve their HIGHEST POTENTIAL!!! I am willing to help you get fit and healthy and inspire those around you! If you cannot do it for yourself, do it for your loved ones! I GUARANTEE IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

TODAY 4/19/2012



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What do I do when I have NO Motivation to workout?: CHANGE!

Everyones life get crazy and I can be one to say that happens OFTEN for me! I am a mother of 2 toddlers and my husband works 16 hour days, 5 days a week! I am a stay at home mom- my kids are my number 1 priority, so to say life is a breeze IT IS NOT! BUT I can say that working out has made a HUGE difference in my life!


I use to wait until the kids would go to sleep to workout or wait until my husband came home and that made me CRAZY because my life was depending on something that was NOT consistent! My son napped but my daughter was iffy, it was never the same time or she just wanted to play or watch tv instead of napping! Then finally she just stopped napping- so I had to make changes to my schedule because I was not motivated at 9pm or 4pm after thinking about it ALLL day and it being in the back of my head that “I STILL HAVE TO WORKOUT!” This made me dread working out because it was more like a hassle than an enjoyable stress relief! I would work myself up and I set myself up to fail because I would worry all day about it and almost talk myself out of it before it was even time to press play!


So what did I do?!?! I first teamed up with a few of my best friends and got myself an accountability partner- no we do not workout together, but we workout at our own homes at the same time! SO we decided we were going to text each other at 5:30am and get each other motivated to do our workouts! This WAS THE ONLY WAY I would be able to get my workout in without interruptions! (Yes there are days my kids wake up while I am still working out, but now I have been doing it so long and I’m in a routine- they know it is mommy’s “workout time”) So now my workout is done, shower is done, and I am ready to get breakfast for me started before the kids even wake up! This changed my MOOD DRAMATICALLY! I went from being on edge to easy going! I wasn’t worrying about “when” I’m getting my workout in, I am now thinking about “what am I going to do extra with my kids?”



Working out in the morning has changed my life- It give me more energy, puts me in a better mood, and gives me more time with my #1 PRIORITY!


For those of you who struggle with getting motivated or letting life get in your way of YOU! Think of these few things:

1. How are you feeling? DO you want to change your attitude and physical well being?! THEN DO NOT LET WHATEVER IS BRINGS YOU DOWN, DOWN- Take control and get rid of the stress- WORKOUT!

2. What are you doing for you?! Is life consuming you that you are doing for everyone else and nothing/minimum effort to better yourself!? CHANGE- Take 1 hour a day to do something that helps YOU RELAX!-

3. What is your mood like? Are you edgy because there is something bothering you, something in the back of your head, something you can’t stop thinking about?! TAKE CHARGE AND CHANGE- Move your schedule around, address what is bothering you! DON”T BOTTLE IT UP- Talk to someone if it is something that can be resolved!!! If not WORKOUT THE STRESS!!!



Change your schedule that works better for you! Get the negativity out of your life! AND BE YOU! Set your priorities- do they line up with what you are doing?! If NOT- CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!!!


NEED HELP GETTING MOTIVATED?!!?!? EMAIL ME! I will help you set your priorities, get motivated, and STAY ON TRACK when life gets in the way! I have lived it and now I want to help others change how they react to what comes in their way of themselves!

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ChaLEAN Extreme: Next on my WORKOUT to do list!

Seay- Mother of 3, 28 DAY INTO CHALEAN!!!



Get ready to burn fat, boost your metabolism, and get lean with ChaLEAN Extreme®, the extreme workout system from Chalene Johnson. It’s a fact: The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn. You can lose up to 60% of your body fat in just 3 months and see visible results every 30 days, because MUSCLE BURNS FAT®.

ChaLEAN Extreme is my Next Workout Program! I am starting on March 26th. 2012 with my 90 days to Summer Challenge Group and I CANNOT WAIT!!!! With Chalene’s proven Lean Phasing technique supercharges your metabolism by shifting your body’s fat-burning focus from cardio exercise to resistance training. You burn fat long after your workout—even while you sleep. With ChaLEAN Extreme, you can burn up to 60% of your body fat in just 3 months.

DAY 57 PROGRESS!!!! Lindsay Matway


WHO DOESN’T WANT RESULTS LIKE THESE?!?!?! Well I am hoping for great results, everyones body is different and it has a HUGE part with what you are eating!!! Nutrition is 80% your body! So I will be drinking Shakeology daily and twice a day on my off days to make sure I am getting the right amount of protein and complex carbs! DO you struggle with the right equation or even just getting your fruits and veggies into your diet?!?! SHAKEOLOGY will DEFINITELY give you the gaps you miss! One shake is equal to 6 salads!!! <-WHO CAN BEAT THAT!



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Spotlight on Shakeology ingredient: Biotin

Spotlight on Shakeology ingredient: Biotin. The primary role of biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It plays a special role in enabling the body to use blood sugar (glucose), a major source of energy for body fluids. Biotin promotes normal health of sweat glands, bone marrow, male gonads, blood cells, nerve tissue, skin and hair.



Biotin is necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. It plays a role in the citric acid cycle, which is the process by which biochemical energy is generated during aerobic respiration. Biotin not only assists in various metabolic reactions but also helps to transfercarbon dioxide. Biotin may also be helpful in maintaining a steady blood sugar level.[3] Biotin is often recommended for strengthening hair and nails.[citation needed] As a consequence, it is found in many cosmetics and health products for the hair and skin, though it cannot be absorbed through the hair or skin itself.[citation needed]

Biotin deficiency is rare because, in general, intestinal bacteria produce biotin in excess of the body’s daily requirements. For that reason, statutory agencies in many countries, for example the USA[4] and Australia,[5] do not prescribe a recommended daily intake of biotin. However, a number of metabolic disorders in which an individual’s metabolism of biotin is abnormal exist.




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Stressed? Unwind- by Tonight!


When you are relaxed, so is the rest of the family. Reclaim your calm with these moves for maxed-out moms or moms-to-be.


If you were prone to stress before the love-marriage-baby-carriage days, it may have gotten worse now that you’re worrying for three, four, or more. “Women expect that we can do it all — be the mom, the wife, the star employee,” says Dale V. Atkins, PhD, a NYC-based psychologist and author of Sanity Savers: Tips for Women to Live a Balanced Life. “But in our quest to be perfect, we end up forfeiting our own sanity.”

And it doesn’t stop there: Many studies have linked excess stress to depression, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer recurrence. Excess tension also has a trickle-down effect for kids: “Children aren’t born knowing what stress management is,” says Bruce Rabin, MD, medical director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Healthy Lifestyle Program. “If they see you constantly frazzled, they’ll be more likely to grow up that way too.” So what are you waiting for? Put a few of these tips to the test tonight to keep the whole family happier.



A recent Japanese study found that laughing can directly alleviate anxiety; people who watched comedies had lower levels of circulating stress chemicals afterward than those who viewed regular movies. Here, two simple ways to laugh it up:

1. Take a step back.The next time you’re about to reach that I’m-gonna-lose-it point — your toddler just chucked his peas at the wall (again) or the dog threw up all over the carpet — take a step back. “Ask yourself, ‘If my friend were telling me this story, would we laugh about it?’” says Shoshana Bennett, PhD, a clinical psychologist in the San Francisco Bay area and author of Postpartum Depression for Dummies.

2. Stroll down memory lane.Give yourself permission to thumb through old photos — when the kids were teeny, of those college sorority days. It’s a seemingly simple act of reminiscing, but one that will likely make you smile, laugh, and count your blessings.



What you sip can affect your stress in both good and bad ways. What to start and what to stop:

3. Try tea.A steamy mug boasts health benefits even beyond its already antioxidant-packed contents: “Drinking something hot literally makes you slow down,” explains Jackie Keller, a Los Angeles-based nutrition and wellness coach and author of Body After Baby. “You have to sit still for 10 minutes and decompress.” A recent British study found that people who started drinking tea had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol after six weeks compared to those who consumed a placebo beverage.

4. Ditch your 3-a-day Diet Coke habit.“When you’re revved up on caffeine all day long, your heart rate and breathing increase, which can make you feel unnecessarily anxious,” says Wendy Warner, MD, president of the American Board for Holistic Medicine.

5. Be a water guzzler.Drinking this hydrating fluid is all-around good for you, but here’s one benefit you probably haven’t considered: Getting up to pee often (and hence, pulling yourself away from your inbox) guarantees regular mind-clearing breaks, says Atkins. What’s more, when you’re up and about, you’re likelier to interact with coworkers — and have social conversations that aren’t all business. The stress payoff? Studies have linked having close office pals to better anxiety management.



Exercise is a known stress-reducer: It releases endorphins, those feel-good brain chemicals, and lowers blood pressure, which can skyrocket under duress. But how to find time for it? Here, three ways we swear by:

6. Bring along baby.Strolling together is a totally underestimated relaxer, says Keller. “Physically, the act of walking is very rhythmic and repetitive. That alone has a soothing effect — for you and your infant,” says Keller. Plus, it’s a no-brainer way to sneak it in while the little guy naps or quietly soaks up the landscape.

7. Stock sneakers everywhere.If you stow a pair of comfy walking shoes in your office or car, it’s much harder to make excuses not to walk. Even just 10 extra minutes a day can have an impact; consider parking at the farthest end of the lot or hopping off the bus or subway a stop earlier. “That combination of fresh air, alone time, and light exercise can be an instant calmer,” Atkins says.

8. Pay attention to your energy ebbs and flows.“If you match high-energy activities to high-energy times of the day, you’ll enjoy them a lot more,” says Pam Garcy, PhD, a Dallas-based clinical psychologist and author of The Power of Inner Guidance. Some moms love hitting the gym right after work for an instant mood-boost before heading home; others need the pick-me-up first thing in the morning, for example. Figure out what feels best — and go with it.


9. Splurge selectively.You don’t want to make a habit of binging every time you’re stressed, but a little dark chocolate can bring on the calm. “It has the perfect combination of fat, sugar, and compounds that stimulate the brain to release endorphins,” says Ann G. Kulze, MD, a family physician in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. “The sugar also kicks up production of the mood-boosting brain chemical serotonin, which can help lower the body’s stress response.”



Being optimistic helps reduce the negative toll stress hormones take on your body.

10. Find three good things about your day.“The principle here is that there’s always something positive,” says Keller, whether it’s wrapping up a report two days early or getting a killer deal on sale-rack stilettos. This is also a great game to play with older kids — and an early lesson in gratitude to boot.

11. Redefine your stressors. “What if you were to describe your jam-packed week as ‘full and vibrant’ instead?” says Jill Wodnick, a yoga instructor and childbirth expert in Montclair, New Jersey. “Words have power, so be precise about how you use them.”



12. Pre-chop your veggies.You certainly don’t have 45 minutes to whip up dinner every night, and you’re probably not going to spend all of Sunday preparing frozen meals to eat all week long (does anyone really do that?). The solution: “Take an hour on the weekend to cut up the produce you use most,” says Keller. Weeknight dinners become a snap: A half-hour stir-fry recipe takes just 10 minutes when the veggies are all ready to toss into the wok.



Just because you’re not on the clock doesn’t mean you feel stress any less, says Atkins. Two smart ways to fend it off:

13. Make your own breaks.“Being a full-time mom is the only job where time off isn’t mandated by law,” says Bennett. If you don’t pencil in your breaks, no one will. Stick to a standing date three or four times a week, whether it’s lunch with friends or a class at the gym. “You need to have regular things to look forward to, and keep them just like you would a doctor’s appointment.” Feel guilty about taking so much “me time”? Think of it this way: “When mom’s doing better, so is her whole family.”

14. Read something stimulating.Even if it’s just a few pages of a novel before bed, skim something to challenge yourself. “This is especially important when you’re reading to and playing with kids all day long,” says Atkins. And reading before bed is a better way to conk out than tuning into TV (the light and noise stimulate your brain and keep you awake longer).



15. Start snapping.Next time you feel frazzled at home, grab the camera. “Taking pictures is surprisingly relaxing,” says Keller. One, you have to slow down to do it. Two, it distances you from the current situation. “When viewing your adorable baby or rambunctious preschooler through an outsider lens, it reminds you how lucky you are.”



How you breathe can have a big impact on stamping out stress. Try these moves:

16. See your stress dissipate.“As you inhale, visualize the word ‘calm’ coming into your mouth and tense up your body — make a fist, shrug your shoulders, curl your toes,” says Atkins. “When you exhale, imagine the word ‘stress’ leaving it — and completely loosen everything up.” You’ll feel your whole self relax (physically and mentally) right away.

17. Time your breathing.“If you’re anxious and need to calm down, exhale for longer than you inhale,” says Warner. Breathe in for five seconds and out for seven, for example. “This triggers a chemical change in your brain that makes your heart rate slow down.” Likewise, if you’re tired and need a boost, inhale for longer than you exhale.



18. Play the old-fashioned way. Breaking out a board game or a puzzle is a great way to get your older kids to talk, says Keller. “Inevitably while you’re taking turns you can slip in a ‘tell me about your day.’” And you’re more likely to forget about the 34 e-mails you need to respond to when you’re engaged and bonding with your kids than when you’re all zoned out to the TV.



Commutes and errand-running don’t have to be a major source of tension. Consider these super simple moves before getting behind the wheel again:

19. Change up your path slightly every day.If you’ve got the same old commute day after day, you stop enjoying — or even noticing — your surroundings. Try to pass by something natural, like a park or a lake, which helps stimulate your senses, says Atkins. Plus, many studies have shown that exposure to nature can help lower stress levels.

20. Be the early bird at after-school pickups.Avoid that panicky rush-rush-rush feeling by arriving at your kid’s karate practice five minutes before it ends. “Then use that break to relax and rejuvenate,” says Bennett. “Recline your seat, pop in a CD you love instead of the radio, and savor every second.”



Set up a zen zone at home and work, then turn to it when the going gets tough.

21. Deck your desk.It’s probably lined with pictures of your kids, but why not add other things that bring you joy too, like a memento from a favorite getaway. “Every time you look at that sea shell, for example, you’ll be transported to those relaxing moments — you can literally see yourself sitting the beach, you can smell that salty air,” says Atkins.

22. Find one spot in the house that makes you totally happy.Even a corner of the bathtub will do. “I keep a few beautiful candles perched on my tub,” says Atkins. “I may not have time for a relaxing bath every night, but just seeing them helps me feel better.”

23. Use soothing smells.A recent Australian study found that emergency room nurses (typically a very high-stress group) had significantly lower anxiety levels after receiving aromatherapy massages. While massage is not realistic in the middle of a crazy work day, you can let the power of scent keep you calm. Stash a bottle of lavender hand cream in your desk drawer and rub it on whenever you need instant relaxation.



There’s no way around housework, but these tips may help you dread the deed a little less.

24. Pump up the volume.Six loads of laundry become a lot more bearable when you’re sorting and folding to Bon Jovi — and taking breaks to dance, sing, and laugh. “When mom’s silly, it’s remarkable what happens to her kids,” says Bennett. “You’ll have a roomful of happy, gigglers in just 15 seconds — it’s truly transformative.”

25. Treat yourself to some tulips.Studies have shown that fresh flowers can lower stress levels by triggering positive emotions in people who admire them. So make sure to pass by them (and catch a calming whiff) between rounds of vacuuming and dusting.



Maintaining a log of tasks may be a lifesaver, but this can actually fuel stress if you do it the wrong way. Keep this in mind before you pick up a pen:

26. Have two kinds.The first is a massive brain-dump that you update whenever you remember something new, whether it’s writing a thank-you note or calling the landscaper. From that, draft a shorter daily or weekly list of what you realistically hope to accomplish in that timeframe. “Then at the end of the day, you see all the cross-offs and feel productive, not overwhelmed by what you haven’t done,” says Bennett.

27. Use it to delegate.Don’t just pen the list — show it to your partner or older kids who can help you whittle it down. “This lets everyone pitch in and prioritize, and ensures that your husband and kids don’t need to read your mind,” says Keller.



28. Consider anti-stress karma. If you aid people in their time of need, maybe you’ll get help when you’re under the gun, advises Mudita Rastogi, PhD, a professor of clinical psychology at Argosy University in Schaumburg, Illinois. “When pregnant women ask you what motherhood is really like, be honest and share your tips. Offer to pick up groceries for a new mom. Watch someone’s baby while she takes a nap.” Other studies have found that being a good friend can lower blood pressure and help women manage their own stress more effectively.



As I am sure you ALL know by now, I am OBSESSED with P90X, Brazilian Butt Lift,  and Insanity (which are produced by a company called BEACHBODY)


Up until this point I have gotten in great shape through the use of their products!


Back in April I was contacted by my coach now and was so inspired by the motivation and inspiration that she had given me! I became a COACH and t has completely changed my life, and may even be able to change YOURS (hence you being attached to this note!)


I, myself, have been searching for something that allows me to stay at home as much as possible with the kids, but that also gives me the financial freedom and opportunity to connect with others. I feel ALIVE when I am helping people push themselves to make them better at what they are doing! I feel like this has been my calling! I can’t just GO to work, make money, come home, REPEAT! I have to feel like I am constantly growing as a person, pushing myself to be better… and all the while, feel like I am bettering others lives…




Beachbody spends over 100 MILLION a year in advertising to sell their products… But rather than selling them in a retail store they decided to do something different… They decided to let their customers be the living proof of what their products can accomplish!!! They call these people COACHES because they are the voice of the company and know the product first-hand! Brilliant idea if you ask me!!!


Another great benefit of being a coach is that you receive 25% off of ALL their products, including any of their workout programs, nutritional supplements, and/or workout equipment! So if you are health and fitness obsessed like me, you can save a TON!


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Look forward to getting in the BEST SHAPE SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY, and FINANCIALLY with YOU!!!


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Nikki Kuban Minton

Giavonna’s First Field Trip!- To the Pumpkin Patch!

Pumpkin Patch- Fall has arrived!

My daughter, Giavonna, just started Preschool this past school year- 3 yr old and only two days a week, BUT its still exciting!!!

Well, we went on her first field trip to The Riley Farm, Pumpkin Patch and Hay Ride, along with a maze and nursery rhymes! The kids all had a blast and they were all VERY well behaved!



All she cared about was to get pumpkins for her brother and dad! She is such a sweetheart!

Staying Committed!: Your Kids are WATCHING YOU!

“Strong accountability is promising your kids that you will stay committed to your fitness program and nutrition. Look at them straight in the eye and make that promise to them, I doubt that any of you would lie to your kids.”

be great, stay strong, be an example….your kids are watching =)

My children watch my every move! They listen to my every word! Whether you are aware of what your kids pick up or not, THEY ARE PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU! When I made the COMMITMENT to get back into shape and to get healthy, I made the COMMITMENT to my kids that I will be here for them when they needed me! I made the COMMITMENT to a NEW LIFESTYLE for OUR FAMILY!

Giavonna had to take her “transformation” Pictures with mommy!

Everyday when I go to workout my daughter wants to workout with me, she does some of the moves and it makes me PROUD- she is 3 years old, No, she does not know what or why working out is so important, but she will grow up knowing it is a DAILY ROUTINE!

When I go into the cupboard to get the bag of Shakeology, she is right next to me saying, ” Mom, I help make your chocolate shake?!?” When the blender turns off my son-2 years old- runs up and says, ” Me some mommy!” and runs to sit on the floor! To know my kids don’t just WATCH me, they want to DO WHAT I AM DOING!!!! The fact that they LOVE SHAKEOLOGY is AMAZING! They are healthy! They ALWAYS loved fruits and veggies, but they liked the garbage too- they are kids!

Before I got involved with Beachbody, my kids were eating McDonald’s every other day. We would drive by and they would say FRIES or NUGGETS!- They were still active, but to know a 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 (at the time) year old KNEW WHAT MCDONALD’S WAS OR EVEN WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE IS CRAZY!!! We thought it was funny/cute, but today I think it is DISGUSTING! About a month ago, after the park we drove by a McDonald’s and my daughter said, “Mom I want fries” I said, “Do you want fries or the toy?, she replied, “Fries!” So of course we got her fries, and long story short, her and my son were UP ALLLLLLLLL NIGHT LONG-SICK!!!!!!! Call me crazy, but I THINK it was the greasy fries!- Needless to say, we NEVER go there anymore!

I just want to thank My Coach Kati for introducing me to our Team -The Bombshell Dynasty- Because with her and the team, I WAS ABLE TO COMMIT! I was introduced to Beachbody and P90X a year before I had fully committed! Having THE SUPPORT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!  Shakeology helped me change my diet- I read Tosca Reno’s “Eat Clean Diet Stripped” and started to realize what I was putting in my family’s body!  P90X was over and I started Insanity!


If you need help and support or even motivation to change your life, whether FOR YOU and/or YOUR FAMILY, CONTACT ME!

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Bring Out your INNER Bombshell!

Bring Out your INNER Bombshell!

Be a Bombshell! “… a woman who exudes her LIGHT unto this world by actively pursues her greatest potential… and seeks to inspire others by walking the walk. A woman who is BEAUTIFUL, no matter her age, color, shape or size, but because she OWNS her life! A BOMBSHELL never lets others determine her destiny, she is a LEADER, a motivator, a LEARNER of LIFE! A BOMBSHELL’s job and sole purpose is to help others to see and bring out their INNER BOMBSHELL!!!”

Go out there and get it!!!! Whatever it is you want- JUST DO IT!
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I Wish….

“I wish there were more hours in the day! I wish I lived in a state where there were more people who were health conscious!, I wish I lived with no worries! I wish, I wish, I wish! I need to DREAM BIG, so that I can no more WISH and finally SEE there is more than where I am today!”

I wish there were more hours in the day so that I did not have to juggle time between my children, exercising, and work! I feel guilty every time I do something other than spend every second with my beautiful babies! I feel that if I had just one extra hour I would be able to accomplish one more thing! I think that time is precious and you need to spend it wisely because you only have the time to come, you cannot go back and wish you would have done something differently- you have to NOW do it differently the next time!

I wish I lived in a state/city where people cared about who they were inside and out! CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT LIFE- it is not something you always have to live with, CHANGE what you are doing or not doing, eating or not eating!  There are days when I feel I can just change ONE MORE persons outlook on life and becoming healthy- it is in YOUR hands now! Yes, beauty is only skin deep, but being healthy makes you beautiful in its own special way!

A life with no worries! If there could be ONE DAY without worrying about my kids getting hurt, my family being ok, financially worries, worrying about what to eat, what my plans for the day will be, the list goes on!

DREAM BIG! My dreams are SO big they might not be reachable today and they might not seem realistic, BUT my dreams WILL come true!

Sharing Your Light!- My Mentor!

“I truly believe that as we live up to our potential, it gives others courage to do the same.” – Lindsay Matway

Lindsay Matway firmly believes in model behavior—both by watching those she admires and being an example of the person she aspires to be. “By reaching for our dreams, we let our own light shine,” she says. “And as Coaches, we are walking beacons in this world!” Having signed up 44 new Coaches in the past month alone, she proves it every day.

As a new mom supporting her family, Lindsay Matway was nearing the end of her rope at her bartending job. “I was disrespected and undermined, and I became depressed,” she says, “I felt like all the big dreams I’d had for my life had slipped out the window somehow.” Lindsay prayed for a way out. And soon she found an answer—to a different problem.

“While feeding my newborn one night, I saw a P90X infomercial and fixated on getting back to my pre-pregnancy shape,” she explains. Lindsay checked YouTube®, where home videos confirmed that real people were achieving amazing results, so she took the leap.

“Not only did I look better than ever, but P90X showed me how strong I was, both inside and out!” To give back, Lindsay posted her own ‘before’ and ‘after’ videos and was flooded with questions. “I loved responding to them. Then it dawned on me.”


“I should be getting PAID for this!”

Lindsay called Beachbody® and learned about Coaching—discovering her new calling almost by accident. But her rapid rise through the ranks was the opposite of accidental.

“I wanted to learn all I could before building my team,” Lindsay says. “I spent hours watching and listening to every training Webinar I could get my hands on. Then I checked the leader boards, went on Facebook and requested all the top Coaches as friends so I could imitate what they did.” All Lindsay’s self-schooling pumped her with excitement and assurance—which she put into an unbelievably bold post on

Looking for leaders

“My post said, ‘I’m looking for 15 LEADERS to train and help build their businesses. Join my team so we can make it to the TOP. Who wants in?!'” Lindsay smiles, “I think showing that sort of confidence allowed people to believe in me.” It must have, because her first big success came in record time.

“I worked SO hard! It took everything I learned in my research. But in just 21 days, I went Diamond! It was such an incredible feeling to know I’d achieved such a lofty goal!” But as Lindsay discovered, even the most driven Coach can lose her focus.

“Six months in, I realized I’d let managing my team take up most of my time. I’d stopped developing into the kind of Coach I wanted to be,” she recalls. Then, at a Super Saturday event, it turned around in an instant. Lindsay says, “They announced the Grand Prize for the Scout It Out Challenge: a trip to Cabo! One second I was thinking how much I’d love to go. The next, I was declaring to ALL my peers, ‘Just so you know, I am WINNING that trip!’ I’d just committed to making the TOP 3 out of 54,000 Coaches for the month—with only 23 days left to do it!”

Pulling out all the stops

Determined to touch as many lives as possible, as soon as possible, Lindsay became a billboard for the products. She avidly shared her story with all her contacts, made more connections, followed through on everything—and won! “I cried my eyes out when I heard the news. And I knew the trip would be first class, but WOW! The itinerary was loaded with 5-star meals, parasailing, swimming with dolphins—that first dinner I whispered to my fiancé, ‘This was sooo worth everything I put into it!'”

And her business has continued to explode. “When I think of where this opportunity has taken me—I never struggle with finances anymore, I get to be home full-time with my daughter, and the quality of people I work with is most impressive—sometimes I go into an all-out ugly cry, I’m so grateful!”

The secret to her success is no mystery. In fact, Lindsay believes it’s visible to everyone. “Team Beachbody Coaches are fortunate to be able to illuminate the healthy path for others. As we succeed, people can see that they can help themselves reach their greatest potential, too!”

Coach’s Playbook:

•  Talk to people the way you like them to talk to you. How did your Coach make the opportunity sound appealing? Duplicate that!

•  PASSIONATELY share your experience with people—not just Beachbody experiences, your life. You’re building relationships!

•  Tell everyone Success Stories, not dry facts! People want to feel and emotionally understand what’s happened with others.

•  Be BOLD. If you believe someone would love Shakeology® or make a perfect Coach, tell them! The worst that can happen is they’d say no.

•  Set big, CLEAR goals. Write them down, remind yourself what they are and focus your energy on obtaining them. Then plan for success!

If this touched you as much as it has touch me and inspired me to PUSH MYSELF , message me or comment below! Join Team Dynasty!

The Life Today of Nikki Kuban Minton

Hello World! My name is Nikki Kuban Minton and I am a 24 and a mother of 2 precious children. A 3yr old Princess and a 1 1/2 yr old boy! They are the light of my life! If it was not for my children I do not know where I would be today!

I had met my husband when I was 19 at College, we had the relationship most college students had, serious but who knew what was going to happen next.  We were dating for a year and a half when I found out I was pregnant.  At the age of 20 I was shocked, scared, nervous, happy, sad, anxious, every possible emotion was running deep within my skin.  I thought to myself this is a sign from God and is a blessing in disguise.  

On my 21st birthday, I was not able to party like all of my other friends did, instead I was sitting around gaining weight like crazy and getting bigger and bigger.  I was growing so fast during my pregnancy that I was told that I had to watch what I was eating.  

At the time I thought this is an excuse to eat what I want, I’m Pregnant-the baby needs the food! When started my pregnancy I was 115lbs, the morning I delivered my daughter I was 197lbs.  The normal weight gain of a pregnant women was 15-20 lbs, I GAINED AN INSANE 82 lbs!!!! On May 10, 2008 I had a beautiful baby Girl, Giavonna Marie Minton, 8lbs 6oz.  My life had changed before my eyes and I WOULD HAVE NEVER CHANGED IT FOR THE WORLD!  

I had gone through many friendships during this time, I lost all of my friends because they did not understand my life now.  I was a mom- not a 21 yr old who could go out every weekend and party.  This was very hard and depressing for me, I was ALWAYS a social butterfly and would go out and loved to meet new people.  BUT, now I was not just a Mom, I was OVERWEIGHT and that was VERY hard for me to face.  I started working out at the gym and by January 2009 I was down to 136 lbs, not great, but it was progress for me.  

But, I found out I was pregnant again! This was very hard for my soon to be husband (at the time) and I to face! Of course I was happy, but we had mixed emotions- I had just graduated College in December, he was in his prime of his career; a police office, and our lives once again were going to turn around.  

I would not think of anything but bringing little baby into this family with as much love as I could give! My husband and I had then decided to push up our wedding and get married in April, before I got too large to wear a wedding dress.  With this pregnancy I had gained 65 lbs, this was very discouraging.  He was a week late, and when he was being delivered, his shoulder got stuck in my pelvis bone and I thought they had broke his shoulder and collar bone- he screamed and cried more than I had ever thought! He ended up being a 10lb very healthy baby, Neyko Christopher Minton! Now I had two babies in the house; my daughter now 17 month, who was walking and a brand new baby, who was colic. This was going to be a LONG road ahead of me. 

Having two babies was the least of my worries, I wanted to get my BODY BACK! This was going to be the hardest thing I had to go through.  Taking care of two babies and trying to find time to get my body together!  I had tried going to the gym, but it was hard to leave the babies.  I tried working out at home with the work out equipment we had, never had a second to be alone.  So, I decided to try P90X- I heard tons of wonderful things, and I thought to myself maybe just an hour-2 hours to workout!! Well I started P90X in February 2010 and only lasted 4 weeks. I started to go on an instant gratification fix and tried every diet pill, cleanse, every and any BAD/HARMFUL DIET OUT THERE! BIGGEST MISTAKE I MADE FOR MY BODY!  after a long 13 months I had finally got back to my pre Neyko weight and could not get past it.

On April 17, 2011 I had made a COMMITMENT to myself and health that I was going to lose this baby weight the right way, but working out! So, I had tried P90X again. This time I started at 138lbs, 37 in hips, 30 in waist, 34 inch chest, 41 in butt, and 24 in thighs.  I had gone cold turkey- started working out, doing the lean version of P90X and eating healthy/ clean.  For the first week I ate nothing but fruits and veggies, whole wheat, chicken, and DRANK ONLY WATER!  I FELT FABULOUS! Then, I ordered Shakeology (, this is a shake that has 70+ ingredients and gives you all of the nutrients you need in (1) one shake.  One shake is like eating 5 salads. This shake gave me energy, stopped my cravings for sweets, and helped me jumpstart my weight lose.  As of today it is June 27, 2011; day 70 0f P90X and I am 129lbs, 35 in hips, 28 in waist, 33 in chest, 39 in butt, and 22 in thighs. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS!

Instead of not knowing where I am or will be, I am finally thinking about the future and what I would like my children to grow up knowing about me! I had also signup up to be an Independent Beachbody Coach, I help people reach their fitness goals, while I am reaching my own goals! I have never been healthier in my life! I need to know that when I am 50 years old I am still in the best health and shape of my life to keep up with my kids and the life they have! I WANT TO BE AROUND WHEN THEY ARE ADULTS!  One healthy choice after another, will lead to a healthy full life for my family and I.