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Get Your Beach Body Back!

Posted on: 2013-04-18 11:48:46
Get ripped in 90 days with Tony Horton's 12 extreme workouts using the science of Muscle Confusion™. Get ripped in 90 days with Tony Horton's 12 extreme workouts using the science of Muscle Confusion™.

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Kickboxing In The Park

Posted on: 2013-04-18 11:38:05

What has helped so many SUCCEED in their health and fitness journey?

Posted on: 2013-04-17 10:48:20


Did You know: Banana are AMAZING medicine?

Posted on: 2013-04-17 10:45:33

Health and Fitness Support:

I will help you on your fitness journey in any way I can! I will help you set goals, map them out, and help you see how the best and safest way to achieve these goals may be! You will get 1:1 support and motivation by me when you choose me to be your Coach!

Challenge Groups:

A way to get into a closed group with a small amount of people looking to achieve similar health and fitness goals. You will receive 1:1 health and fitness support, set goals and reach them, get daily motivation and tips to help you succeed on your fitness Journey while working with others to help push you!


A way to make money by motivating, inspiring, and encourage others to become healthy and fit! Sharing your journey and how Beachbody has changed your life or helped you reach your goals!

Coach Camp:

A 30 day training for you as a coach to learn how to run a business, help others, and earn while reaching your own fitness goals! You get 1:1 support, tips, and advice from me on how I became an Elite Coach!

Welcome Kits Offer:

Any one who joins my team as a challenger or coach will receive a welcome kit that includes samples of products and tools to help you succeed!


Super Saturday Pittsburgh:

This is way for Beachbody coaches and those thinking about coaching to learn what is to come in 2014 with Beachbody and what amazing things happened in 2013! Recognition of Top Coaches and some amazing Beachbody Transformations!!! You will learn the incentives and rewards trips for 2014 while also being able to try a live workout and talk with other Beachbody Coach in the area! (They are all around the US, ask me and I can help you find one in your area)


Coach Summit 2014:

This is were we head to Las Vegas for our annual Beachbody Party! We will have trainings, parties, and a great way to network with coaches all over the country!!! There will be Recognition, Prizes, and tons of live workouts with celebrity trainers! This is a COACH ONLY EVENT!


Leadership Retreat:

We will head to Arizona for the Annual Leadership retreat where only qualified coaches will be invited and you will learn from the best of the best, hear from the CEO and have live intimate workout sessions with the Trainers!

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